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Conference fromConference toTitle of the ConferenceMain Organizer
19.02.201722.02.2017Idiopathic portal hypertension as the common final pathway of vascular liver diseases.Andrea De Gottardi
Universität Bern
05.03.201710.03.2017Molecular NanosystemsProf. Dr. Klaus Kern
EPF Lausanne
12.03.201717.03.2017NanoImpact - Conclusions on the environmental impacts of engineered nanomaterialsProf. Dr. Bernd Nowack
19.03.201722.03.2017Variation(slinguistik) trifft Text(linguistik) Variation (linguistics) meets text (linguistics)Mateusz Maselko
Département de langue et de littérature allemandes
Université de Genève
26.03.201730.03.20171st European Congress on Cell-Free Synthetic BiologyProf. Dr. Sebastian Maerkl
EPF Lausanne
23.04.201728.04.2017Boundaries and Transitions in Language and Interaction: Perspectives from Linguistics and GeographyProf. Dr. Elvira Glaser
Universität Zürich
30.04.201705.05.2017Statistical Challenges in Single-cell BiologyProf. Dr. Niko Beerenwinkel
Departement of Biosystems Science and Engineering
ETH Zürich
07.05.201711.05.2017Population Genomics of Fungal and Oomycete Diseases of Animals and PlantsProf. Dr. Bruce McDonald
Integrative Biology
ETH Zürich
14.05.201717.05.2017Systems Biology of Adaptive ImmunityProf. Dr. Sai Reddy
ETH Zürich
21.05.201726.05.2017Human Dimensions of Environmental Risks. Behavioral Experiments, Field Experiments, Survey ResearchProf. Dr. Andreas Diekmann
Chair of Sociology
ETH Zürich
28.05.201702.06.2017Numerical methods for hyperbolic problems: recent trends and new directions.Prof. Dr. Remi Abgrall
Intsitute of Mathematics
Universität Zürich
04.06.201709.06.2017Progressive Failure and Long Term Strength Degradation of Brittle RocksProf. Dr. Simon Loew
Geological Institute
ETH Zürich
25.06.201728.06.20177th International Conference on Tumor-Host Interaction and Angiogenesis Prof. Dr. Curzio Rüegg
Université de Fribourg
02.07.201707.07.2017String Theory and Quantum GravityProf. Dr. Matthias Gaberdiel
Institute for Theoretical Physics
ETH Zürich
09.07.201714.07.2017Isotopes 2017Dr. Thomas Hofstetter
16.07.201721.07.2017New Trends in Topological Insulators 2017 (NTTI 2017)Prof. Dr. Oleg Yazyev
Institute of Theoretical Physics
EPF Lausanne
23.07.201728.07.2017Thin, thick and dark disksProf. Dr. George Lake
Institute for Computational Science
Universität Zürich
13.08.201716.08.2017International Symposium on Monolayer Protected ClustersProf. Dr. Thomas Bürgi
Department of Physical Chemistry
Université de Genève
20.08.201725.08.2017Quantum NanophotonicsProf. Dr. Lukas Novotny
ETH Zürich
28.08.201731.08.2017Literacy and Cognition in School Learning. Theoretical, Didactic and Empirical PerspectivesProf. Dr. Thomas Lindauer
Zentrum Lesen
FHNW Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
03.09.201708.09.2017High-resolution climate: observations, models and projectionsProf. Dr. Christoph Schär
Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
ETH Zürich
08.10.201711.10.20179th Workshop on the Chemistry of the Heaviest Elements (CHE9)Prof. Dr. Andreas Türler
Universität Bern
15.10.201720.10.2017IsoCycles: reaching an integrated use of stable isotopes to constrain biogeochemical nutrient cyclesProf. Dr. Emmanuel Frossard
Institut für Agrarwissenschaften
ETH Zürich
23.10.201727.10.2017Parallel-in-Time Integration MethodsProf. Dr. Rolf Krause
Institute of Computational Science
Università della Svizzera Italiana
29.10.201703.11.2017WORKSHOP ON HAMILTONIAN SYSTEMSProf. Dr. Vadim Kaloshin
ETH Zürich
05.11.201710.11.2017Soft matter interfaces: from biology to engineering applicationsProf. Dr. Jan Vermant
Soft Materials
ETH Zürich
12.11.201715.11.2017Engineering Development and OrganogenesisProf. Dr. Matthias Lutolf
EPF Lausanne