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Conference fromConference toTitle of the ConferenceMain Organizer
14.03.201817.03.2018Non-grid solutions for the future of urban water management?Prof. Dr. Eberhard Morgenroth
Institute of Environmental Engineering (IfU)
ETH Zürich
08.04.201813.04.2018Geometric aspects of momentum maps and integrabilityProf. Anton Alekseev
Department of Mathematics
Université de Genève
22.04.201826.04.20189th Ascona International Workshop on Cardiomyocyte BiologyProf. Dr. Thierry Pedrazzini
Department of Medicine
Université de Lausanne
Institut für Bibelwissenschaft
Universität Bern
20.05.201823.05.2018VARIATIONist Linguistics meets CONTACT Linguistics [VARIATIONslinguistik trifft KONTAKTlinguistik]Mateusz Maselko
Département de langue et de littérature allemandes
Université de Genève
27.05.201801.06.2018Quantum Systems and TechnologyProf. Dr. Johann (Gianni) Blatter
Theoretische Physik
ETH Zürich
03.06.201807.06.2018New Advances in Sustainable Resource Use and Economic Dynamics (SURED 2018)Prof. Dr. Lucas Bretschger
CER - Center of Economic Research
ETH Zürich
10.06.201814.06.2018Bacterial Persistence and Antimicrobial TherapyProf. Dr. Christoph Dehio
Universität Basel
17.06.201822.06.2018Beyond All Boundaries: Anatolia in the 1st Millennium BCDr. Annick Payne
Institut für Archäologische Wissenschaften
Universität Bern
01.07.201805.07.2018Creating uncertainty: Benefits for individuals, teams, and organizationsProf. Dr. Gudela Grote
Department of Management, Technology, and Economics
ETH Zürich
05.07.201808.07.2018Outdoor and Environmental EducationProf. Dr. Pascal Favre
Institute for Primary Education
FHNW Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
08.07.201812.07.2018Hybrid Optomechanical TechnologiesProf. Dr. Tobias Kippenberg
Institute of Condensed Matter Physics ICMP
EPF Lausanne
15.07.201820.07.2018ISRIUM (International Symposium on Reactive Intermediates and Unusual Molecules)Prof. Dr. Peter Chen
Laboratorium für organische Chemie
ETH Zürich
22.07.201826.07.2018Quantum Transport with Cold AtomsProf. Dr. Jean-Philippe Brantut
Institute of Physics
EPF Lausanne
15.08.201818.08.2018Dropping out and Dropouts: A Vision around 1900 and in theWorks of Hermann Broch (1886-1951)Prof. Dr. Barbara Mahlmann-Bauer
Institut für Germanistik
Universität Bern
19.08.201824.08.2018Media History from the MarginsProf. François Vallotton
Section d'histoire
Université de Lausanne
26.08.201831.08.2018Hand, Brain and Technology: the somatosensory systemProf. Dr. Roger Gassert
Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems
ETH Zürich
02.09.201805.09.2018Wood NanotechnologyProf. Dr. Ingo Burgert
Institute for Building Materials
ETH Zürich
16.09.201819.09.2018Halting Antimicrobial Resistance Dissemination in Aquatic EnvironmentsDr. Helmut Bürgmann
Department of Surface Waters
23.09.201828.09.2018Molecular mechanisms of muscle wasting during aging and diseaseProf. Dr. Markus A. Rüegg
Universität Basel
21.10.201826.10.2018Uranium biogeochemistry: transformations, isotopes, and applicationsProf. Dr. Rizlan Bernier-Latmani
School of Architecture, Civil and Env. Engineering
EPF Lausanne
28.10.201831.10.2018Nano- and microplastics in technical and freshwater systemsProf. Dr. Bernhard Wehrli
Institute for Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics
ETH Zürich