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Conference fromConference toTitle of the ConferenceMain Organizer
03.03.201906.03.2019Connecting environmental changes and human mobility as a way to draw new maps of knowledgeProf. Elisa Fornalé
Universität Bern
08.03.201912.03.2019Red Blood Cell ResearchProf. Dr. Timm Schroeder
ETH Zürich
28.04.201903.05.2019TransCon2019: Understanding and managing microbial biotransformation of environmental contaminantsProf. Dr. Kathrin Fenner
05.05.201908.05.2019Synthetic and Systems ImmunologyProf. Dr. Sai Reddy
ETH Zürich
19.05.201923.05.2019Marine Particles and PhycospheresProf. Roman Stocker
ETH Zürich
26.05.201929.05.2019The Fifth International Conference on Matching Under Preferences: MATCH-UP 2019Prof. Dr. Bettina Klaus
Faculty of Business and Economics
Université de Lausanne
02.06.201906.06.2019Embryonic Diapause in MammalsProf. Susanne Ulbrich
Institute of Agricultural Sciences
ETH Zürich
09.06.201912.06.2019Artificial Intelligence methods in CosmologyDr. Tomasz Kacprzak
Institute for Particle Physics and Astrophysics
ETH Zürich
12.06.201915.06.2019Organizing in the era of digital technologyProf. Dr. Georg von Krogh
Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation
ETH Zürich
16.06.201921.06.2019Statistical Challenges in Medical Data ScienceProf. Dr. Niko Beerenwinkel
Departement of Biosystems Science and Engineering
ETH Zürich
23.06.201928.06.2019Immigrant Integration: Educational Opportunities and Life ChancesProf. Dr. Rolf Becker
Universität Bern
30.06.201904.07.2019Global Change and Biodiversity: Integrating the impact of earth and world drivers across scalesProf. Dr. Michael Schaepman
Universität Zürich
07.07.201911.07.2019Hybrid Optomechanical TechnologiesProf. Dr. Tobias Kippenberg
Institute of Condensed Matter Physics ICMP
EPF Lausanne
14.07.201919.07.2019The Arithmetic of ConnectionsProf. Dr. Peter Simon Jossen
ETH Zürich
21.07.201926.07.2019Fashion communication: between tradition and future digital developmentsProf. Dr. Lorenzo Cantoni
New Media in Education Laboratory
Università della Svizzera Italiana
18.08.201923.08.2019New trends in Geometry and Mathematical PhysicsProf. Dr. Thomas Willwacher
ETH Zürich
26.08.201930.08.2019Collecting as a literary practice in the Middle Ages and early modern periodProf. Dr. Michael Stolz
Department of German
Universität Bern
01.09.201906.09.2019NANOPHOTONICS: FOUNDATIONS AND APPLICATIONSProf. Dr. Lukas Novotny
ETH Zürich
08.09.201913.09.2019Carbon and climate in a 2°C world: getting out of the fossil fuel carbon budget crunch.Prof. Nicolas Gruber
Institute of Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics (IBP)
ETH Zürich
22.09.201926.09.2019Nucleic Acid Immunity in Health and DiseaseProf. Dr. Andrea Ablasser
Global Health Institute
EPF Lausanne
29.09.201904.10.2019The Assembly and Function of Neuronal CircuitsProf. Dr. Silvia Arber
Universität Basel
06.10.201910.10.2019Comparing organic and conventional agricultural cropping systems - What can be learned from the DOK and other long-term trialsProf. Dr. Emmanuel Frossard
Institut für Agrarwissenschaften
ETH Zürich
13.10.201917.10.2019Chirality @ The Nanoscale (CHIR@NS)Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Ernst
20.10.201925.10.2019Bioinspired materials: From understanding, through processing, to replication Prof. Esther Amstad
EPF Lausanne
27.10.201930.10.2019Advanced sleep modulating technologies: impact on research, health, and societyProf. Dr. Walter Karlen
ETH Zürich