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Bertram Batlogg

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Prof. Dr. Bertram Batlogg
Relationship Full Professor since 2000  
ETH Zürich
Bertram Batlogg
Laboratorium für Festkörperphysik
Otto-Stern-Weg 1
8093 Zürich

Contact Data Tel: +41 44 633 22 48
Fax: +41 44 633 10 72
Tel (secretary's office): +41 44 633 23 35
Organisation Full Professor at the Department of Physics
Curriculum Vitae

Bertram Batlogg has been full Professor for Physics of Condensed Matter at the ETH Zurich since September 2000, and is at the Solid State Physics Laboratory at ETH Hönggerberg.

Bertram Batlogg from Bludenz, Austria, studied Physics at the ETH Zurich, where he earned his Diploma and Ph.D. for his work on mixed-valence Rare Earth compounds (1979). He then joined Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey, as researcher and later also as department head / director in the Physical Sciences Research area. From 1990 until it was dissolved in 1996, he was also a director of the Consortium for Superconducting Electronics, a research and development partnership involving several industrial and academic institutions in the USA.

His principal scientific interest is in solid state physics, with the goal of creating and understanding materials and their novel physical phenomena, and exploring them for applications that derive their usefulness from their optical, magnetic and electrical properties. The research topics cover a wide spectrum and include: high temperature superconductors, manganites and other compounds with strong electron correlation, quantum magnets, oxide superconductors, heavy fermion compounds, mixed-valence compounds. Most recently his research has focused also on organic molecular crystals and organic semiconductors.

For his scientific work, Bertram Batlogg has been recognized with the ETH Medal and Prize for Dissertation (1979), Election to Fellow of the American Physical Society APS (1986), Bernd Matthias Prize (1997), David Adler Lectureship Award of the American Physical Society APS (2000), Election to Fellow of the American Association of the Advancements of Science AAAS (2000), and Science Prize of the State of Vorarlberg, Austria (2004).

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