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Shana J. Sturla

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Prof. Dr. Shana J. Sturla
Relationship Associate Professor since 2009  
ETH Zürich
Shana J. Sturla
Inst.f. Lebensm.wiss.,Ern.,Ges.
LFO D 15.1
Schmelzbergstrasse 9
8092 Zürich

Contact Data Tel: +41 44 632 91 75
Organisation Associate Professor at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology
Research Field

Professor Sturla’s research focus is in the area of toxicology and concerns how dietary components and other chemicals impact cancer incidence and treatment by investigating relationships between chemical structure, biotransformation and cellular responses. The research combines approaches at the interface of chemistry and biology, and knowledge regarding molecular mechanisms of toxicology that will be gained from the research is expected to contribute to improved human health, nutrition, and disease prevention strategies.

Curriculum Vitae

Shana Sturla has been Associate Professor for Food and Nutrition Toxicology at the Department of Agriculture and Food Sciences since 2009.

She was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA in 1975.

She concluded her studies in chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor degree in 1996 and gained a PhD  in chemistry from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cambridge, MA, USA in 2001.

2001-2004 she worked as a postdoc in carcinogenesis at the University of Minnesota Cancer Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

2004-2009 she was Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota.

Honours 2010 European Research Council Starting Independent Researcher Grant
  2007 American Association for Cancer Research Minority Scholar in Cancer Research
  2004 US National Cancer Institute Career Developmant award
Course Catalogue 551-1400-00L Molecular Disease Mechanisms II
  752-0006-00L Public Colloquium in Food and Nutrition Science
  752-1300-00L Introduction to Molecular Toxicology
  752-1300-01L Food Toxicology
  752-1301-00L Special Topics in Toxicology
  752-1302-00L Advanced Topics in Toxicology
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