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Milica Topalovic

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Prof. Milica Topalovic
Relationship Assistant Professor since 2011  
ETH Zürich
Milica Topalovic
Professur Arch.&Territorialplanung
ONA G 35
Neunbrunnenstr. 50
8093 Zürich

Contact Data Tel (secretary's office): +41 76 202 01 08
Organisation Assistant Professor at the Department of Architecture
Curriculum Vitae

Milica Topalovic is Assistant Professor of Architecture and Territorial Planning at the ETH Department of Architecture. From 2011-15 she held research professorship at the ETH Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore, studying the relationship between a city and its hinterland. In 2006 she joined the ETH as head of research at Studio Basel Contemporary City Institute and the professorial chairs held by Diener and Meili, where she taught research studios on cities and on territories such as Hong Kong and the Nile Valley. Milica graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and received Master’s degree from the Dutch Berlage Institute for her thesis on Belgrade’s post-socialist urban transformation. Since 2000, she worked on projects in different spatial scales and visual media. With Studio Basel she authored and edited Belgrade. Formal / Informal: A Research on Urban Transformation, and The Inevitable Specificity of Cities. She contributes essays on urbanism, architecture and art to various magazines and publications.

Course Catalogue 051-1148-16L Architectural Design V-IX: European Countryside (M.Topalovic)
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