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Prof. Dr. Armin Wittneben


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ETH Zürich
Armin Wittneben
Institut für Kommunikationstechnik
ETF  F 109
Sternwartstrasse 7
8092 Zürich

Organisations Full Professor at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Armin Wittneben has been Full Professor of Wireless Communications at the Swiss Federal Institue of Technology (ETH) Zurich since March 1, 2002.

Armin Wittneben was born in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, on October 8, 1957. He received the Dipl.-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering/Communications from the Technical University of Darmstadt. In 1989 he received the Dr.-Ing. degree for the dissertation thesis: "A robust digital FM scheme with optimized noncoherent detectability". From 1989 until 1998 he was with the research organization of ASCOM/Switzerland and in charge of the department Radio Communications. In this period the department among others demonstrated the first Hiperlan/1 modem and the fastest modem for digital powerline communication. In 1997 Armin Wittneben completed the habilitation thesis -Diversity schemes in mobile communications- and received the venia legendi in communication technology from the electrical engineering department of the Technical University of Darmstadt. In 1998 he accepted a position as Full Professor of Communications at the Saarland University, Saarbrücken (Germany). Since March 1, 2002 he is heading the Wireless Communications group at the Communication Technology Laboratory of the ETH Zurich.

Focus of the research activities are core technologies for affordable and very broadband adaptive wireless mobile access networks. These heterogeneous networks combine the scalability of cellular systems with the favorable cost structure of infrastructureless ad hoc networks. They integrate nodes with heterogeneous capabilities (from sensors to access points). Important research areas include: joint analog-digital signal processing, space-time coding and processing, fast adaptive modulation and detection, fast parameter estimation, adaptive heterogeneous multihop networks and powerline communication.

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