Marina Krstic Marinkovic

Prof. Dr. Marina Krstic Marinkovic


Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

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Tel.: +41 44 633 82 33
Tel. (Sec.): +41 44 633 25 71

ORCID: 0000-0002-9883-7866


ETH Zürich
Marina Krstic Marinkovic
Institut für Theoretische Physik
HIT  G 33.2
Wolfgang-Pauli-Str. 27
8093 Zürich

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Marina Marinkovic
Marina Krstic Marinkovic
Organisations Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics
Research Field

In the High Performance Computational Physics group at ETH Zurich, we are investigating the interplay of the theory of strong interaction - quantum chromodynamics - with the quantum theory of electrodynamics by means of computer simulations and theoretical considerations in discrete space-time. This is especially important for comprehending the discrepancy between the prediction of the current best theoretical description of the subatomic world (Standard Model of particle physics) and the experiments pertaining to one of the most prominent quantities in the pursuit of new physics beyond the Standard Model: the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon. Concurrently with answering these questions related to the new physics, we aim to automatize the adaptations of the existing codes for future high performance computing machines, as well as explore the application of noisy quantum devices and machine learning in particle physics.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Marina Krstic Marinkovic is an assistant professor in computational physics at ETH Zürich since February 2021 and a head of High Performance Computational Physics group. Marinkovic was born on October 1, 1984 in Vukovar, Croatia. She studied theoretical physics at the University of Belgrade, with research stays at University of Oslo, DESY Zeuthen, and Humboldt University of Berlin, where she completed her diploma thesis. After obtaining her Ph.D. at Humboldt University of Berlin in 2013 and a postdoctoral stay at the University of Southampton, she was awarded a prestigious CERN fellowship, followed by Hitachi Assistant Professorship in High Performance Computing at Trinity College Dublin, and a junior professorship in theoretical physics at LMU Munich.  She currently leads projects funded by SNSF, PASC, Horizon Europe (SFBI) and Google Research. Complementary to her research activities, she has extensive experience in designing and delivering courses for high performance computing and theoretical physics master programs in Ireland, Germany and Switzerland. 

Course Catalogue
402-0206-00L Quantum Mechanics II
402-0206-10L Quantum Mechanics II
402-0893-00L Particle Physics Seminar
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