Orlando Marcel Roman Garcia

Herr Orlando Marcel Roman Garcia



ORCID: 0000-0003-3366-2169

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ETH Zürich
Orlando Marcel Roman Garcia
HIL  F 22.3
Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5
8093 Zürich

Organisatorische Zugehörigkeit Student / Studiengang Doktorat D-BAUG
“Presidente de la Republica” Scholarship for master’s studies at the University of Cambridge.
Best Technical Submission Award – Knight Piesold Consulting among offices worldwide.
Highest Academic Performance among the Science and Engineering Department graduates - PUCP.
Swiss Education Foundation Scholarship for Undergraduate studies – PUCP.
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- Roman, O., Hoque, S. F., Ford, L., Salehin, M., Alam, M. M., Hope, R., & Hall, J. (2021). Optimizing rural drinking water supply infrastructure to account for heterogenous groundwater quality and household poverty in coastal Bangladesh. Water Resources Research, 57(8). https://doi.org/10.1029/2021WR029621

- Hope, R., Fischer, A., Hoque, S.F., Alam, M.M., Charles, K., Ibrahim, M., Chowdhury, E.H., Salehin, M., Mahmud, Z.H., Akhter, T., Thomson, P., Johnston, D., Hakim, S.A., Islam, M.S., Hall, J.W., Roman, O., El Achi, N., & Bradley D. (2021). Policy reform for safe drinking water service delivery in rural Bangladesh. REACH Working Paper 9, University of Oxford, UK.

- Hoque, S.F., Hope, R., Alam, M.M., Charles, K., Salehin, M., Mahmud, Z.H., Akhter, T., Fischer, A., Johnston, D., Thomson, P., Zakaria, A., Hall, J., Roman, O., El Achi, N., & Jumlad, M.M. 2021. Drinking water services in coastal Bangladesh. REACH Working Paper 10. Oxford, UK: University of Oxford.

- Adshead, D., Roman, O., Thacker, S., & Hall, J. W. 2021. Infrastructure strategies for achieving the global development agendas in small islands. Earth's Future https://doi.org/10.1029/2020EF001699

- Adshead, D., Fuldauer, L., Thacker, S., Román García, O., Vital, S., Felix, F., Roberts, C., Wells, H., Edwin, G., Providence, A., & Hall, J.W. 2020. Saint Lucia: National Infrastructure Assessment. United Nations Office for Project Services, Copenhagen, Denmark. August 2020

- Riemer, M., Macedo, J., Roman, O., & Paihua, S. Effects of stress state on the cyclic response of mine tailings and its impacts on expanding a tailings impoundment. PBD-III Proceedings, Vancouver, 2017.

- Roman, O., Paihua, S., & Vargas, R. Seismic analysis of an existing earth and rockfill dam subjected to the MCE by Flac. TMW16 Proceedings, Denver, USA 2016.

- Paihua, S., Roman, O., & Vargas, R. Geotechnical characterization of old tailings for use as sand stacking foundation. TMW16 Proceedings, Denver, USA 2016.

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