Shana J. Sturla

Prof. Dr. Shana J. Sturla


Full Professor

Contact Data

Tel.: +41 44 632 91 75
ORCID: 0000-0001-6808-5950


ETH Zürich
Shana J. Sturla
Dep. Gesundheitswiss. und Technol.
LFO  D 15.1
Schmelzbergstrasse 9
8092 Zürich

Organisations Full Professor at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology
Research Field

The ETH Laboratory of Toxicology is concerned with the chemical basis of mutagenesis and toxicity.  Various projects at the interface of chemistry and biology aim to delineate relationships between chemical structures, enzyme-catalyzed chemical transformations, and cellular responses to environmental and dietary toxicants and cancer drugs.  Particular interests lie in factors influencing susceptibility to DNA-alkylating agents and food-relevant exposures.  Broad impacts of the knowledge and tools resulting from this work are intended to improve human health by impacting chemical risk assessment and disease prevention, as well as precision medicine strategies.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Shana J. Sturla is Professor of Toxicology in the ETH Department of Health Sciences and Technology (Full Professor since 2016, Associate Professor 2009-2016).  She was born in 1975 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.  She completed a B.S. in Chemistry in 1996 at the University of California at Berkeley, and a PhD in 2001 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  From 2001-2004, she was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Minnesota Cancer Center, and from 2004-2009, she was an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota. 


From: 2017
Until: -
Society of Toxicology
From: 2010
Until: -
Swiss Society of Toxicology
From: 1997
Until: -
American Chemical Society
Young Investigator in Toxicology of the American Chemical Society
European Research Council Starting Independent Researcher Grant
American Association for Cancer Research Minority Scholar in Cancer Research
US National Cancer Institute Career Developmant award
Course Catalogue
529-0032-00L Ethics and Scientific Integrity for Doctoral Students in Chemistry and Related Fields
752-0005-00L Colloquium in Food and Nutrition Science
752-0180-00L Principles in Food Science
752-1301-00L Special Topics in Toxicology
752-1302-00L Advanced Topics in Toxicology
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