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Search for Faculty, Students or Employees of the ETH

This page includes a quick and an advanced search.

Quick search:

A search box in which one or several entries separated by spaces can be entered.
You can search for first names, last names or principal phone number.
If there are several entries, all criteria must be met («AND-rule»).

Search tips:

  • Quick search is not case sensitive.
  • Wildcards are not supported, being that Quick search is a content-sensitive search.
  • Use the radio button to further restrict search. If, for instance, you are searching for persons with a professors title, select the corresponding radio button.
  • For professors teaching at ETH, the radio button can be set to «faculty».
  • Search for organisations can be done in the current Web-site language only.
  • Make a selection in the search mask drop-down to further restrict the search for professors. Restricting the search for professors is sufficient to start the search. No further information is needed on the person being sought.
  • The org. unit code search will only search for the specified number. Zero prefixes are added automatically. This means that if your search criterion is org. unit code 1, this automatically turns into a search for 00001.
  • The org. unit code can also be searched for hierarchically. This means that when searching for a unit code, besides the persons directly belonging to this unit code all persons connected to corresponding subordinate unit codes will also be found.